Thank you for your Support and Hope to see you at

Hi everyone!

Thank you for the support and encouragement that you have shown me since I first opened this blogshop.

To determine on which method of selling is better in terms of user interface, I have been experimenting for the past 2 years on selling via blog and selling via an online shop. I've come to the conclusion that selling via a well-equiped online shop integrated within an existing community is more organized, improves on order/payment checkout process and in general terms, the ease of usage and navigation within my shop. So I've decided to move over to the online shop on a permanent basis.

It's under a U.S. handmade community site, which some of you may have heard of -

However, that doesn't mean that I'm closing down my blog shop. I'm just changing my operations. Instead of emailing me to place an order, you can directly make your purchase from my shop on Etsy and pay via PayPal or credit cards and use a shopping cart or favourite an item for purchase consideration at a later date. Yes, that's definitely a much better improvement. Plus, I believe that it's a much better organized avenue to sell too so you can find your desired item faster and easier.

So, I welcome you to join me in the next stage of Midori's Clover - MyHandmadeCrafts@Etsy

Thank you and hope you'll join me at MyHandmadeCrafts@Etsy.

See you there!